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Bombing of Rainbow Warrior Still Saddens on 35th Anniversary: Former Crew Member Grace O’Sullivan

Green Party MEP and former Greenpeace activist Grace O’Sullivan says the bombing of Rainbow Warrior is still emotional for her, 35 years after French Secret Service agents sunk the flagship of the Greenpeace fleet.

“I was a crewmember. We were tied up in the Port of Auckland, New Zealand, preparing to depart across the Pacific Ocean to French Polynesia where we were protesting French nuclear testing at Moruroa. Two bombs went off onboard the Rainbow Warrior. My friend and crewmate, photographer Fernando Pereira was murdered, as he drowned on the sinking ship.

“The anniversary of that awful day, the 10th of July, is always a poignant day for me. It’s 35 years ago, but it still touches a raw nerve.”

O’Sullivan, a Green Party MEP, who was elected to the European Parliament in the Ireland South constituency last year, was deported back to Ireland shortly after, having sailed on the Greenpeace yacht Vega into the nuclear test zone to continue their protest.

“My family and friends begged me not to return to my work with Greenpeace, but the bombing and my involvement in other actions around peace and environmental justice made me even more determined to keep up the fight. I spent 20 years working for Greenpeace, 10 of them at sea onboard the Rainbow Warrior and other Greenpeace vessels.

“The work I do now, in politics, is a continuation of that. I still consider myself first and foremost, a peace and environment activist. It’s at the heart of everything I do.”

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