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Call for Gaza-based Photographer: Gaza and the Sea Photo Series and Calendar

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Gaza and the Sea – Photo Series and Calendar


Member of the European Parliament Grace O’Sullivan is seeking to commission a skilled photographer from Gaza to produce a series of high quality photographs demonstrating the relationship between Palestinians and the Mediterranean Sea.

The final product will be exhibited to members of the public in Ireland and will be used for the creation of a free printed calendar and an exhibition of the photography in the office of Grace O’Sullivan MEP.


  1. 13x photographs 

  2. Publishing rights for purposes of the production of a free printed calendar and printing of photographs for a travelling exhibition around Ireland. 


  1. To produce 13 photographs for the production of a calendar as well as a subsequent photographer exhibition.

  2. To raise awareness of the situation in Gaza and the occupied Palestinian territories.

  3. To show the everyday relationship of Gazans with the sea.

  4. To create connections between the Irish and Palestinian peoples.

  5. To support arts and culture in Gaza.

Detailed description:

The sea holds great importance for the people of Palestine, yet the situation on the ground presents significant challenges. For people living in the West Bank, access to the sea is heavily restricted by the Israeli occupation. Meanwhile in Gaza, Palestinians remain blockaded by the Israeli military on all sides, suffering regular attacks on Palestinian fishers at sea and on civilians on land. Pollution and the lack of water treatment facilities continue to pose difficulties for the people who live in Gaza.

Despite these challenges, the people of Gaza have shown resilience and strength in the face of occupation and their bond to the sea has been unbreakable. Gazans continue to flock to the beach to meet with family and friends and enjoy the benefits of living by the water. Palestinian fishers continue to ply their trade and provide food for their fellow citizens under difficult circumstances.

Grace O’Sullivan MEP is seeking to commission a skilled photographer from Gaza to explore this relationship through the eyes of the locals. The photographs should demonstrate everyday life in Gaza. A focus on women, environmental issues and/or fisheries is particularly welcome.

The style, approach and tone of the photography is to be decided by the photographer following coordination and discussion with the office of MEP O’Sullivan.


In order to support the photographer in question with obtaining the necessary equipment, MEP O’Sullivan is willing to provide €1,000 as an advance. Upon delivery of the final copies in high quality digital format, the photographer will be remunerated with a further €2,000 (total remuneration €3,000)  to be transferred to the bank account of the photographer’s choosing.


As part of your application, please include your portfolio which should include a series of at least six images that tell a photostory. Your vision for “Gaza and the Sea” may be expressed through this photo series. 

While phone cameras have advanced significantly and produce impressive results, utilising dedicated cameras further showcases the capabilities and expertise of photographers. 

Photos will be taken in landscape format ( 3:2 / 4:3) to fulfil the calendar brief. More delivery specifications will be provided to the successful applicant. 


Please email your CV, link to portfolio and letter of motivation to with the subject line Gaza_Photography_ApplicantName.

The deadline to apply is Sunday 3rd September, 11:59pm BST (Irish time).


Grace O’Sullivan is an Irish Member of the European Parliament where she works on environmental issues and social justice, with a particular focus on the protection of the ocean and marine ecosystems.

She also sits on the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Palestine where she works for self-determination of the Palestinian people and peace in the region.

Previously, MEP O’Sullivan served as a Senator in Ireland where she helped in the drafting of the Occupied Territories Bill, legislation to ban the import of goods from illegal Israeli settlements and support the Palestinian struggle. In 2023, Ms. O’Sullivan travelled to the West Bank with a delegation of the European Parliament where she reiterated her support for the establishment of a Palestinian State and called for an immediate end to the Israeli blockade of Gaza. 

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