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Green MEP hails surging home energy upgrades in Ireland South region

2023 SEAI Retrofit Full Year Report shows a 81% increase in upgrades carried out in the 10 counties of the Ireland South constituency.

Green Party MEP for Ireland South Grace O’Sullivan has hailed new figures released by the SEAI which showed a surge in energy upgrades being carried out in across Ireland, saying that the figures prove the huge demand for climate action among the public. Home energy upgrades in the region increased by almost 81% in 2023, with 18,887 upgrades carried out. 

Speaking following the publication of the SEAI’s Full Year Retrofit Report for 2023, O’Sullivan said: “It is hugely encouraging to see this surge of energy upgrades in the Ireland South region, with an 81% increase last year over 2022 figures. These energy upgrades are making people's homes warmer, cleaner and more efficient to run, as well as helping to tackle carbon emissions. Investing in energy efficiency is a win-win for households and for climate. It’s great to see such demand and uptake of retrofits and energy efficiency schemes locally, and it’s more proof that people want to play their part in climate action. 

“Residential energy use is responsible for over 13% of Ireland’s emissions, and typical household emissions are way above the EU average. Helping people reduce their energy use is a key tool to reduce these emissions, and the SEAI has played a blinder as demand for schemes has surged.”

“I’m particularly pleased to see so many successful applications for the Community Energy Grant, where local communities are imagining, and delivering, a sustainable vision for their areas. Community-led climate action is a powerful force, and I commend everyone who has played a part in these projects.”

The SEAI Retrofit Full Year Report highlighted 18,887 upgrades carried out across the Ireland South region, including 380 Community Energy Grants, 1,786 Fully Funded Energy Upgrades, 7,349 Individual Energy Grants under the Better Energy Homes scheme, 8,891 Individual Energy Grants under the Solar PV scheme, and 481upgrades through the One Stop Shops.

Note: The SEAI Report is available in full here

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