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Greta Thunberg and MEPs unite in support of Nature Restoration Law

The Swedish climate activist said that anything other than a vote in favour of a strong Nature Restoration Law would be ‘a betrayal of those suffering the most from the climate crisis and of future generations.’ Irish MEP Grace O’Sullivan said MEPs need to be ‘more courageous’ on climate action. 

In advance of the vote on Wednesday 12 July for the EU Nature Restoration Law, MEPs from the Greens Group of the European Parliament held a demonstration outside the European Parliament in Strasbourg together with Thunberg’s Fridays for Future organisation.

Speaking outside the Parliament today, MEP for Ireland South Grace O’Sullivan said: “In Ireland, the Citizens’ Assembly explicitly called for the approval of a strong EU Nature Restoration Law. Here in Strasbourg today, the younger generation of Europeans are calling for the very same. MEPs need to heed the call and be more courageous in their climate action. If not they should face serious questions over why they failed to show political leadership when it was needed most. This is too big an opportunity for us to miss.”

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