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Joint-Leadership Would be Ideal for Greens: MEP Grace O’Sullivan

As nominations draw to a close later this evening (Sunday) Green Party MEP Grace O’Sullivan has announced she will be calling for a change to the Green Party constitution so that membership would have the option of voting for a joint leadership.

“Unfortunately the Green Party constitution doesn’t allow for that option at the moment. I’m planning to put forward a motion at the annual party convention later this year calling for a change to the constitution. It’s too late for the current leadership contest, but I think more choice should be available to membership in the future.”

Speaking on the current leadership contest, O’Sullivan said she has decided against nominating either Catherine Martin or Eamon Ryan.

“When I was in the Seanad, before I was elected to the European Parliament, there were just myself, Eamon and Catherine in the Oireachtas. We worked very closely together. I have a good friendship and strong working relationship with both, and would hold each in high esteem.

“Over the past few weeks I’ve been asked by a number of media outlets, who I would be nominating. After much consideration, and without the joint-leadership option available to me, I’ve decided against nominating one over the other. It’s an honest position. I see strong leadership qualities, immense ability, dedication and true sincerity in both Eamon and Catherine.

“I expect to vote in the actual election, but it will be a difficult choice, for the reasons I’ve outlined. I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll publicly declare who I ultimately choose to vote for.

“Whatever the outcome, I’ll wholeheartedly support whichever candidate wins the election.”

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