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Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Grace O’SULLIVAN in the EP in Strasbourg

After a difficult month for the LGBTIQ* community in Cork City, MEP O’Sullivan is keen to hold space and start important conversations around the role of Pride in Politics. 

MEP Grace O’Sullivan is proud to announce a week of events for Pride week, aiming to offer more LGBTIQ* safe spaces within Cork City. As a sponsor of this year’s Cork Pride, MEP O’Sullivan is excited for the festivities ahead of what has been a challenging few months for the LGBTIQ* community in Cork City.  

The week will kick off with a screening of Dating Amber in MEP O’Sullivan’s office at 8pm on Tuesday, 1st August. Tickets for this showing are free and available from O’Sullivan’s website and social media. 

The highlight of the week will centre around the Pride is Political Panel Discussion on Thursday 3rd August at 7:30pm. The panel will include discussions about LGBTIQ* identities and activism in Irish politics, the road to equality and the political situation globally. MEP O’Sullivan will chair the event, with panellists including Roderic O’Gorman: Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth, Laura Harmon: Campaigner & Labour Cork City South West Rep, Clir John Maher: Labour Councillor for Cork City North East Ward, Saoirse Mackin: Co-Founder of Trans+ Pride in Cork and John Buttimer: Former Lord Mayor & Chair of the Cork Gay Project. 

The event has already amassed a significant amount of traction online, and it is expected that it will be widely attended.

Of the event, MEP O’Sullivan says: 

“Unfortunately in recent years we have seen the progress made for LGBTIQ* rights being rowed back in some countries. From the United States to Hungary, there is a small but vocal wave of right-wing protesters who feel that LGBTIQ* lives are not aligned with their values – this is wrong and it sends us back in time. It seems now that extremist right-wing protesters intimidating library and bookshop staff is the norm. It’s not the norm, it’s poor behaviour and it’s important now that we address these issues head-on so that Ireland truly begins to treat all the children of the nation equally. I hope that our events this week start conversations about how we can respond effectively and work politically in the future to protect LGBTIQ* rights.”

Tickets are available from MEP O’Sullivan’s website, social media and Eventbrite. Registration is essential.

A closing event in MEP O’Sullivan’s office will be a Pre-Pride Brunch and poster painting session on Sunday 6th August from 11am. Attendees will then join the Cork Greens and wider community in the annual Cork Pride march. All materials at the event will be provided and all are welcome to attend. 

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