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I'm rerunning to be Ireland South's MEP. 

After working in the European Parliament since 2019, I am convinced more than ever about the need for strong Green and progressive voices to be in the chamber. 

I have a lot more to give in the fight for a fairer and greener future for all, and that's why I am running again in 2024.

  • I can only accept donations from Irish residents or Irish citizens living abroad.

  • I cannot accept more than €1,000 from the same person in a calendar year.

  • I cannot accept an anonymous donation of more than €100. These donations aren’t anonymous, I can see all the names but I will be in touch for your address for donations over €100.

By donating, you confirm that you are an Irish resident or an Irish citizen living abroad and that you have not exceeded the maximum permissible donation of €2,500 to the Green Party this year.

If you have any questions, you can always email me at the email address below. 

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