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Gaza and the Sea

For the people of Palestine the sea holds great importance. While those living in the West Bank have been cut off from the Mediterranean over decades of occupation, Gaza is the one place where Palestinians can reach the sea.

I visited Palestine in February 2023 as part of a Delegation from the European Parliament. Following this visit, I set out to commission a calendar and exhibition entitled “Gaza & the Sea” combining my love of our oceans and my work on Palestine.

In summer 2023 my team and I began the process to find a photographer, and we were delighted to select Mohammed Zaanoun; an award-winning photojournalist, focusing on human stories, humanitarianism and exploring the beauty of Gaza, his home.


In October 2023 however, everything changed. As Gaza withstood some of the worst violence in its long history, Zaanoun kindly gave us permission to use his stock of photography and footage. He continues to post as a photojournalist at @m.z.gaza on Instagram.


The calendars are no longer available to order. If you are interested in receiving one please email

The exhibition has gone on tour in Ireland, visiting Waterford and Cork so far. Below is a small selection of Zaanoun's photography.


The photos are without captions - it is up to you, the viewer, to imagine all that has happened between Gaza & the Sea.

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