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MEP Grace O’Sullivan Heads West to talk Oceans, Fisheries and Nature Restoration

MEP Grace O’Sullivan takes to West Cork for an Ocean Themed Constituency Tour

With a focus on the marine, MEP Grace O’Sullivan recently visited West Cork to engage with environmental groups and those working in the maritime space and industry. O’Sullivan sits on the European Parliament’s Committee on Fisheries, and recently closed negotiations on the most significant reform of Fisheries Control measures in over twenty years. 

O’Sullivan started out with Green Party Local Election Candidate for Skibbereen Rory Jackson at Reen Pier and in Union Hall. Local fishers and community groups, most of whom have worked in the fishing industry for decades. A coffee stall, run by a local woman, who’s husband was one of the town’s fishermen provided fresh seafood platters to all who stopped by. 

While at Reen beach, O’Sullivan also took a trip on Rory Jackson’s “West Cork Ocean Tours” boat,  which is fueled with Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO). This fuel is made from recycled cooking oil, and its use is being expanded across the country as a transition fuel, as it can be used in diesel engines without any modifications being required. 

In Bantry, the MEP held a public meeting facilitated by Green Party Local Election candidate Liz Coakley Wakefield. The event offered attendees the opportunity to raise any local issues and discuss what is important in Bantry with MEP O’Sullivan. 

“I really felt like we were able to have a vibrant conversation with the people of Bantry. Maritime culture is evidently important to the people of west Cork, and I was glad I had the opportunity to come and listen as someone who works in the Fisheries Committee in the Parliament.”    

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