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The Costs of Being a Woman to be Explored this Saturday in Cork with MEP Grace O’Sullivan

In the wake of Budget 2024, MEP Grace O’Sullivan will this weekend host an event titled “The Cost of Being a Woman” in Cork City. This event is timely as a further 25% cut in childcare costs was announced in Tuesday’s budget.

This full-day networking and capacity-building event, which is open for all to attend, will explore the financial, emotional, and security costs associated with womanhood from a feminist perspective. The day will include workshops and speakers, such as Lord Mayor Community Award Winner Fahmeeda Naheedas, as well as a conversation around security and self-defence workshop for attendees.

Speaking about the occasion, O’Sullivan shared;

“The hidden cost associated with womanhood is something that is so important to highlight. I want to have a discussion about women's own lived experiences, for us to support each other and acknowledge these, and for this to then inform better policy making around womens’ issues. It’s important that we not only acknowledge the hidden financial costs of being a woman, but also the extra mental and emotional burdens that society often places on us”.

Ensuring the participation of those who may not always be heard in policy discussions is important for O’Sullivan, who is carrying out this event as part of her European Parliament political group’s (the Greens/EFA) plans to create a Feminist Manifesto for the 2024 European Parliament Elections. Travel costs for the event will be reimbursable, with childcare options also available to attendees.

“I want this event to be a safe and secure space for women to come together and learn from each other, as well as an opportunity to learn new skills and explore thinking points from the fantastic speakers and workshops on the day. Those who may not have engaged with feminist policy in the past, but are interested in the topic, are particularly welcome to attend” O’Sullivan shared.

The day will run from 11am - 5pm in the River Lee Hotel, Cork City. It is free to attend, but registration through Eventbrite is necessary. Lunch will be provided.

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